FLCTD 2018 Innovation Challenge Winners

The FLCTD expert panel scrutinized the applications for the technology soundness, payback and replication potential in target industries and sector.
Following winners were selected by the expert panel in the 3 technology verticals for testing and validation of innovative technical solutions

Company Innovation Target,Sectors/Industries
Oorja Energy Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Radiant heat recovery from Rotary Kiln Cement, Steel
Promethean Energy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Heat Recovery in Chilling Centers Food processing
Village Industrial Power Pvt Ltd, Pune Heat recovery in traditional jaggeries for increased profit, reduced emissions Jaggery making units

Company Innovation Target,Sectors/Industries
Khethworks Pvt. Ltd, Pune Solar pump for Small-hold farmers Agriculture
Sunmoksha Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru Smart AQUAnetâ„¢ Cloud-based water management system Agriculture
Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd, Indore Synchronous motor based Pump Sets Industrial and Domestic sectors
Basil Energetics Private Limited, Chennai DC powered high-speed Pump Domestic and Commercial sectors

Company Innovation Target,Sectors/Industries
Thermal Energy Services Solutions, Mumbai Innovative cold-chain distribution using PCM battery swap Food and Pharmaceuticals value-chain
Inficold India Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad Retrofittable Instant Milk Chilling System for Bulk Milk Coolers Dairy and milk collection
Basil Energetics Private Limited, Chennai DC powered Air-conditioners Domestic,and commercial sector
Pluss Advanced Technologies, Gurgaon Hybrid freezer with thermal energy storage to increase energy efficiency Cold-chain Sector
Promethean Spenta Technologies, Pune Thermal storage Based Mobile Cold Storage Food value chain, Farm-produce Aggregators
Metafabs, Thiruvananthapuram Thermal energy storage and Refrigeration for marine cold-chain logistics Fishing, food value- chain